Sadie’s Corner: A dog’s eye view of March Madness

Ok, something’s going on around here these days.  It has something to do with basketball, I think, and whatever it is, is has my human zoned out on her couch.  Constantly. It also had her pretty bummed earlier today when the Badgers lost (as they have repeatedly; I TOLD her not to build her bracketContinue reading “Sadie’s Corner: A dog’s eye view of March Madness”

A new workout word

I AM A CLICHE. It’s true.  While I don’t start up a new workout routine for the New Year, it’s only because I want to buck the trend.  No, me, I start it in the spring.  Quel surprise, the urge to exercise usually comes around my birthday.  You know, that time when a woman hasContinue reading “A new workout word”

A (surprisingly) non-bitter Singles Awareness Day dog/blog post

I hate to sound arrogant, but I am pretty impressed with myself right now.  See, I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day.  I’ve even blogged about it here. So I’m very proud of myself that I could be on facebook today, with all the hearts and photos of flowers and professions of devotion, and notContinue reading “A (surprisingly) non-bitter Singles Awareness Day dog/blog post”