Lunchtime Lament: 2/25/13

Welcome to a new series on Everything and a Racehorse – Lunchtime Laments.  These are short posts reflecting a half a day’s observations, penned/typed quickly during my lunch hour.  So I hope you will forgive if they are not edited as much as they should be; that’s the part that takes the most time when blogging, I find, and time is not something I have for this series.  And, let’s hope they won’t always be laments, but I couldn’t think of a positive word that starts with L. 🙂

So let’s begin with today, 2/25/13.

It’s Monday, which as a fellow facebooker already said, means moaning and whining about having to be back at work after our awesome, blissful weekend activities.

It’s raining and stormy, which coming on the heels of a lovely warm weekend, is particularly lamentable.

I’ve spent most of the morning worrying about things that I should be able to influence, and yet feel helpless to change.  Monday means projections, and numbers, and as per usual, they are never quite as good as we want them to be.

So as I left the office for a few minutes to track down lunch, I decided to take the long road home, pick up a salad, and go get my dog, who can usually be relied on to raise spirits in the office, mine included.  And as I turned onto the main street to get home, I noticed a little pile of snow on the sidewalk.  A sad, 12-14 inch pile of greyish white, with leaves and twigs all over it.

And I grinned, because I remembered walking home from the dog park in 60 degree weather yesterday, with Sadie, and we came upon one of these little hills of snow.  I could almost see her little dog brain engage with something new as we approached.  Her ears went up, she lowered her head to stalking mode, crept up on it, sniffed it, pawed at it gently, looked up at me as if to say “what the heck?” and then lifted her leg (she always pees like a boy dog), squeezed out a few drops, and moved on.

It reminds me that we will always hopefully find something new and curious among the mundane, even if it’s just a pile of dirty snow.  And that it was sunny yesterday, and it will be again…maybe even tomorrow.

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