Prancercise…my life is complete

OMG, y’all.  Oh my.  Oh…just…I’m having a hard time typing because I am sort of whooping in delighted joy.  My dog has come trotting in from the other room because she thinks something’s wrong with me. And something may be wrong with me, because I am completely in love with a new/old/who-the-heck-knows exercise routine.  You’veContinue reading “Prancercise…my life is complete”

A new workout word

I AM A CLICHE. It’s true.  While I don’t start up a new workout routine for the New Year, it’s only because I want to buck the trend.  No, me, I start it in the spring.  Quel surprise, the urge to exercise usually comes around my birthday.  You know, that time when a woman hasContinue reading “A new workout word”