Things non-profit marketers must know

A word to anyone out there considering a job in arts marketing for a small or medium-sized arts organization. There will be days when your job is so far from “marketing” that you will shake your head and wonder what happened. Days, for example, when you get an email like the one below, and nodContinue reading “Things non-profit marketers must know”

Lunchtime Laudable: Asking for help, and a few funnies

I woke up in a good mood this morning. This is rare, so it’s worth celebrating. I decided to work from home for a bit (mostly so I could wash enough clothes to allow me to leave the house), and actually got some stuff done. It’s a sunny green/blue springautumn day, which doesn’t hurt. My foodContinue reading “Lunchtime Laudable: Asking for help, and a few funnies”

To home or not to home, and other generational differences

My colleagues and I have been working on a new website,  It’s a pretty site, full of fun events and information about a very cool upcoming Arts and Nature festival.  You should check it out. Anyway, it was with some trepidation that I showed it to a large group at work and braced forContinue reading “To home or not to home, and other generational differences”