Lunchtime Laudable: Asking for help, and a few funnies

I woke up in a good mood this morning.

This is rare, so it’s worth celebrating.

I decided to work from home for a bit (mostly so I could wash enough clothes to allow me to leave the house), and actually got some stuff done.

It’s a sunny green/blue springautumn day, which doesn’t hurt.

My food intake has been higher than I’d like these last two days.  That’s the only downer, so I’m refocusing.  Today, I went to get a sandwich, one that always comes with fries.  I asked the waitress to please only give me a 1/2 portion of fries.  She looked at me askance (seemed like a simple request to me, but oh well) and so I rephrased:

“I’m not supposed to eat fries.  But I’m having a craving, so can you just give me a few?”

Her face cleared, she grinned, and said “I’ve gotcha, girl.”

It helps to ask for help.


For some reason, I’ve got a plethora of oneliners related to the interwebs in my head that I need to share:

  • Really boring websites should end in .coma
  • Sites that promote meditation should end in .om
  • A service that streams nonstop images of lizard-like creatures could be (it could also feature our former speaker of the house, but who wants a whole website devoted to him?  We’ve had enough of that during multiple elections)

I have mistakenly typed these addresses into my browser before, making myself crack up in the process.  I can tell you with authority that Netflix has actually purchased, because it redirects to their site.  Try it for yourself.

Thinking of the IT person who got to buy that domain as part of their job makes me smile.

Have a good day, all.

photo credit: kumquatgirl via photopin cc

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