Exploring my new camera: Provincetown

A few months back, I decided it was FINALLY time to invest in a real, actual camera. You know, the kind with lenses and a viewfinder that you actually look through and a button you press to take a picture. Why, you ask? Well, it’s mostly because, and this is really kind of dumb, IContinue reading “Exploring my new camera: Provincetown”

Tough questions: What’s your favorite color?

Seriously, you’d think this wouldn’t be hard. But I hate that question.  Like most things, it’s not black and/or white.  See what I did there? My favorite color, like most things, is situational. If it’s college football season, it’s Badger Red.  Don’t let the sea of Razorback Red I currently swim in fool ya –Continue reading “Tough questions: What’s your favorite color?”

Stickworks in the snow

I don’t usually do posts that are just about photos, because I’m not a professional (and I know many of them), and I know that amateur IPhotographers like me drive them nuts. But today we had our first (and probably last) snow of the season, and I was able to take some cool winter picsContinue reading “Stickworks in the snow”

Keep Out: A writing challenge from Sethsnap

This blogging thing, y’all.  It’s so random and awesome.  Like, for example, how someone I’ve never met can like a blog post of mine, and then I go visit his blog, and I fall in love with his photos of Ohio that, weirdly, remind me of NH. Anyway, he does this little series called YourContinue reading “Keep Out: A writing challenge from Sethsnap”

Grey day photos and musings

It’s another grey day in Arkansas. Over on my facebook page, I’ve been having fun sharing photos that make me feel calm and inspired.  This seems to be a reaction to the tension in my work life these days; it helps to remember the peaceful and pretty places I’ve visited in the last few years,Continue reading “Grey day photos and musings”