Tough questions: What’s your favorite color?

Seriously, you’d think this wouldn’t be hard.

But I hate that question.  Like most things, it’s not black and/or white.  See what I did there?

My favorite color, like most things, is situational.

If it’s college football season, it’s Badger Red.  Don’t let the sea of Razorback Red I currently swim in fool ya – it’s NOT the same.


When it comes to clothing, it’s blue-green/teal, ’cause, you know, everyone says my eyes look pretty when I wear it.

In flowers, it’s probably purple…lilac purple.


But really, at this time of year, it’s spring green.  That bright, nearly-neon-but-not-quite green that signifies it’s finally time for sunshine, patio-sitting and long, long walks.  The green that glows as if trying to outdo the sun, and serves as a backdrop for brilliant splashes of pink, violet, yellow and white.  The kind of green that we try to mimic on cloth, but it defies us.

It’s the color of hope, in my opinion.


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