Every year around the 27th of January, I think about grief, mostly because it’s an anniversary of the death of a friend, and every year, my little community who remembers her reflects and expresses our grief in varying ways. Strangely, today I’ve found a different way to think about grief. This is a weird postContinue reading “Grief”

Space, Quicksand, Road Trips and Girl Power

If I’ve managed to stay sane during this “transition” in my life (and that’s a big IF, more on that later), I owe a lot of it to Radiolab. Radiolab, for the uninitiated among you, is a program on NPR, and according to their website, is “a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, andContinue reading “Space, Quicksand, Road Trips and Girl Power”

I bought a journal…

…and I’m not sure why. I mean, seriously.  Most of you know I’m a bit of an over-sharer when it comes to the interwebs; I try not to post what I eat for breakfast on facebook, and I try like hell not to get too cryptic and passive-aggressive on twitter (with varying degrees of success). Continue reading “I bought a journal…”

Keep Out: A writing challenge from Sethsnap

This blogging thing, y’all.  It’s so random and awesome.  Like, for example, how someone I’ve never met can like a blog post of mine, and then I go visit his blog, and I fall in love with his photos of Ohio that, weirdly, remind me of NH. Anyway, he does this little series called YourContinue reading “Keep Out: A writing challenge from Sethsnap”