Do you have the guts to do something like this?

Yuki Beppu is part of the reason I came to work at From the Top. When I saw her perform at a live recording back in October, I remember being slack-jawed at her classical playing. Next, she came to the mic and charmed us all with her tales of wanting to get more classical musicContinue reading “Do you have the guts to do something like this?”

Sidewalk Snippets: 3/14/14

Welcome to the 2nd in my new series. For more on the genesis of this idea, click here. But the gist of it is this: I am fascinated by what I hear as I walk down the sidewalks in my new city: tiny audio snapshots of life that never get completed. Here are some ofContinue reading “Sidewalk Snippets: 3/14/14”

Why I am DONE with

When I lived in Arkansas, locals would proudly proclaim “Don’t like the weather? Wait 10 minutes!” They did the same in Wisconsin. The do the same here in Boston. We are obsessed with weather. It has to be one, if not the most talked about subject on facebook. Perhaps it’s because everyone experiences it…or becauseContinue reading “Why I am DONE with”

Sidewalk snippets: 2/20/14

WARNING: This post contains bad words.  I am fascinated by what happens as I walk down the sidewalk in my new city.  I work in the music district, so there are always young kids with various instrument cases striding by. It’s not unusual to hear a discussion of the relative merits of Hayden or MozartContinue reading “Sidewalk snippets: 2/20/14”