All the feelings at Christmas-time

On a whim, tonight I bought a rope of silver garland to add to my tabletop Christmas tree. The sparkles are exactly what I’d hoped for. I’m having a Christmas-time flashback of lying on the floor with my head under our family tree – a real one, unlike my current one – blurring my eyesContinue reading “All the feelings at Christmas-time”

Taking up (the right amount of) space

I’m gonna put you inside the head of a “plus-sized” girl for a few minutes. And no, it’s not all donuts and hot chocolate, though…yummm…those sound good on this cold winter night. Ahem. Anyway. Today, at lunch, I discovered that the interwebs got all excited about “plus-sized” models in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. And in theContinue reading “Taking up (the right amount of) space”

The inadequate and incomplete prose I’ve been trying to write since Ferguson

There’s a thing my dog does. It’s pretty beautiful. My Sadie is always watching me. I suspect she thinks I’m going to abandon her, which is just heartbreaking, but anyway. Occasionally, as I bustle around the house, she’ll climb down from the couch and peek around the corner to see what I’m doing. And sometimes, when I comeContinue reading “The inadequate and incomplete prose I’ve been trying to write since Ferguson”

Carpe Diem

Whoo-eee, friends, has this blog post been a roller coaster. I started off with a gentle, wistful idea of trying to explain how I feel about Boston right this very moment, and then, before I could type one character, my facebook feed exploded in a mournful wail at the news that Robin Williams has leftContinue reading “Carpe Diem”

When others write my words

WARNING – BAD WORDS AHEAD. I think there’s an acronym for that, right? Someone tell me what it is! *** As an infrequent blogger, I fret about strange things. Like – can I write about feminism when I like Game of Thrones? How do I write a political post without setting off a conflict withContinue reading “When others write my words”