Why I didn’t meet your eye last week

I began my life in New England, and now, after a Mid-Southern interlude, I’m back (well, almost). While living the Mid-South, I would often hear the following phrase: “Oh, New Englanders aren’t that friendly. They never meet your eye.” This always distressed me a little. After all, I am a New Englander. But surely I’mContinue reading “Why I didn’t meet your eye last week”

Space, Quicksand, Road Trips and Girl Power

If I’ve managed to stay sane during this “transition” in my life (and that’s a big IF, more on that later), I owe a lot of it to Radiolab. Radiolab, for the uninitiated among you, is a program on NPR, and according to their website, is “a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, andContinue reading “Space, Quicksand, Road Trips and Girl Power”

A little girl and her art

I have this friend. I’ve known her most of my time in Arkansas. I was her friend when her daughter, whom we’ll call May, was born. One of the amazing parts about being in Arkansas as long as I have been is that I’ve been able to watch May grow up into a remarkable littleContinue reading “A little girl and her art”

Confessions of a new aunt: SOS

My beautiful niece Claire was born this past Saturday. ‘Scuse me while I go squeal and jump up and down like a little girl. Ok, I’m back. I am over the moon with excitement and joy for my brother and his wife and our family; it’s quite simply the awesomest. thing. ever. Thank goodness forContinue reading “Confessions of a new aunt: SOS”

A summer of books

Confession time. I might have a reading problem. See, I spent the summer looking for a job. Well, most of the time I did, because, let’s face it, job hunting can be a challenge to even the strongest of hearts and minds. There were a few moments of doing contract work, and even the occasionalContinue reading “A summer of books”