Meteoric thoughts

As I write this, the sun hasn’t yet come up, and I’ve been awake for two hours. Willingly. Well, mostly willingly, at any rate. This is wrong on so many levels. And right on some others. My social media (and traditional media, too) has been filled with the Perseid Meteor shower for the past few weeks, andContinue reading “Meteoric thoughts”

When Mt. Monadnock kicked my ass

As I sat down to write this blog post, my first thought was: “Crap. I need the power cord to my laptop. I’m not sure I can get up to get it.” Luckily, it was next to the bed (yes, I type this from the bed, because it’s an oven here in Boston and myContinue reading “When Mt. Monadnock kicked my ass”

6288 feet up and still searching

It seems that lately, I’ve become a bit of a view whore. Selling my soul, or at least my free time, in a quest for vistas that take me out of the daily and into the sublime. Maybe it’s my own version of seeking something bigger than myself… Maybe it’s because working in classical music makesContinue reading “6288 feet up and still searching”

Mother’s Day through my (niftyfifty) lens

Some of my blog readers might not know that I have a weekly photo challenge over on facebook, where 2 of my fellow amateur photographers and I challenge each other to a weekly photo posting. We have to take the photos with our 50mm lenses, which are fixed lenses that don’t allow for zoom, butContinue reading “Mother’s Day through my (niftyfifty) lens”