6288 feet up and still searching

It seems that lately, I’ve become a bit of a view whore. Selling my soul, or at least my free time, in a quest for vistas that take me out of the daily and into the sublime.

Maybe it’s my own version of seeking something bigger than myself…

Maybe it’s because working in classical music makes my brain tired, and views are like coffee…

Or maybe I just like the how the world looks From the Top of Mount Washington, the highest peak in the Northeast, also home to the Worst Weather in the World. I managed to leave my camera card at home AGAIN (3rd time I’ve done this in the last year – grrr), so these were captured with my aging I-Phone.

Count the layers of mountains
This is what I want in life. Preferably with me and someone significant in the other chair.
A famous trail that I might climb someday…maybe.

PS: Astute readers will note a “mistake” in the capitalization of a part of this post. Chill out, grammar police, I meant to do it. You’re welcome, Robin.

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