10-minute post about a wake-up call

I have 10 minutes to write this post, as I wolf down some dinner and prepare to head back out in to the city to see some dance (hooray for last minute Alvin Ailey adventures). I’m not going to edit it, I’m not going to edit my photos. So be kind. Today, as I walkedContinue reading “10-minute post about a wake-up call”

How being clumsy teaches lessons for the New Year

So, it was the last day of 2015. I was determined to get outside in the (relative) warmth of a 40 degree day, and give Sadie a long, long walk to make up for all the hours I’d kept the poor pooch in the dreaded, hated car getting back from Norfolk. I also wanted to endContinue reading “How being clumsy teaches lessons for the New Year”

All the feelings at Christmas-time

On a whim, tonight I bought a rope of silver garland to add to my tabletop Christmas tree. The sparkles are exactly what I’d hoped for. I’m having a Christmas-time flashback of lying on the floor with my head under our family tree – a real one, unlike my current one – blurring my eyesContinue reading “All the feelings at Christmas-time”