On dogs in the morning.

NOTE: I wrote this on the bus, so please be kind if it’s not up to snuff. There are some things in life that will squeeze your heart until it feels like it will pop. Dads with babies. The first tree to turn red in the fall. Soldier homecomings. A perfectly toasted bagel with creamContinue reading “On dogs in the morning.”

Exploring my new camera: Provincetown

A few months back, I decided it was FINALLY time to invest in a real, actual camera. You know, the kind with lenses and a viewfinder that you actually look through and a button you press to take a picture. Why, you ask? Well, it’s mostly because, and this is really kind of dumb, IContinue reading “Exploring my new camera: Provincetown”

Where I was when same-sex marriage became 100% legal

About 5 years ago, I wrote this little post so I’d remember where I was when the Affordable Care Act passed. It’s time to do it again. Today is June 26, 2015. Today, the Supreme Court determined that marriage is a right that should be extended to same-sex couples. On the bus in to work, IContinue reading “Where I was when same-sex marriage became 100% legal”