7 reasons you’re not as young as you used to be

1. On Tuesday, your post-volleyball birthday beer goes down smooth, and you’re content with just the one. 2. Wednesday, the day after that one beer, you’re delighted to spend the evening on your couch with your dog. 3. Thursday, the day after that, you have a beer with an old friend, and you both remarkContinue reading “7 reasons you’re not as young as you used to be”

Trust your instincts…and call your parents

About 5 and 1/2 years ago, I began to lose faith in my gut. The metaphorical gut, you know, the one that is supposed to tell you what’s right, wrong, fishy, dangerous, or perfect. It had always served me well in my professional life (personal, well, that’s for another blog post). My instincts, combined with myContinue reading “Trust your instincts…and call your parents”

Fifty Shades of White

Back in mid-January, I was just a normal girl living in Boston. I took the T to work, occasionally went for 2-3 mile runs outside, played volleyball and sometimes went out with friends. Then, one weekend, a powerful force entered my life. I wasn’t looking for him. I didn’t ask for him, but he wouldn’t takeContinue reading “Fifty Shades of White”

Of dogs and heating oil on Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, y’all! I’m not going to blather on about Singles Awareness Day, because let’s face it – that’s every day. I’m not here to rant about this holiday that many profess to hate, yet still consumes us. In fact, I feel quite awesome on this most hallowed/Hallmarked of days. There is hurricane-style blizzard coming, so once I stop yammeringContinue reading “Of dogs and heating oil on Valentine’s Day”