Mother’s Day through my (niftyfifty) lens

Some of my blog readers might not know that I have a weekly photo challenge over on facebook, where 2 of my fellow amateur photographers and I challenge each other to a weekly photo posting. We have to take the photos with our 50mm lenses, which are fixed lenses that don’t allow for zoom, butContinue reading “Mother’s Day through my (niftyfifty) lens”

Saturday Lunchtime Laudable: The Lilac version

“All in all it’s been a tough week.” For those who accuse President Obama of being elitist, I think you can agree that his statement last night is right on. This morning, I felt almost guilty for waking up with joy in my heart when I thought of heading out into the sunshine to theContinue reading “Saturday Lunchtime Laudable: The Lilac version”