Saturday Lunchtime Laudable: The Lilac version

jodi with Lilacs

“All in all it’s been a tough week.”

For those who accuse President Obama of being elitist, I think you can agree that his statement last night is right on.

This morning, I felt almost guilty for waking up with joy in my heart when I thought of heading out into the sunshine to the Farmer’s Market.

And then I spotted the lilacs.


Lilac is the state flower of NH, and a couple of summers ago I realized, to my delight, that they grow here too.  I stick my face into whatever lilac bush I can find, because the smell reminds me of home.

Today, after I bought these, at least 5 people asked to smell them.  3 of them were total strangers.

I felt like my heart was healing just a little each time.  I wished I could bottle the feeling and send it to Texas, Boston, China and all the places where there is just too much sadness.

Happy Saturday, y’all.  Be kind.

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