Dance “review”: Compangie Käfig

Living in Boston these last months has felt a bit like an extended Christmas – new gifts spread out over time. My apartment is still more than 75% un-complete; each week, it seems, I buy some new piece of furniture, make a plan to pay it off, and begin to scheme over the next oneContinue reading “Dance “review”: Compangie Käfig”

Therapy, thy name is California

Confession time. When I lived in Arkansas and it got “cold”, I would judge my fellow Arkansans on their inability to withstand winter temperatures. I would routinely, in my judgmental Yankee head, and sometimes out loud, scoff, “I’m from New England! This isn’t cold!” However, when I was searching for my next home, I really,Continue reading “Therapy, thy name is California”

The proper tool for the job

For 2 whole minutes I struggled and swore at the bed frame. You see, about an hour earlier, I’d heard the reluctant voice of my movers: “Uh, ma’am?” Setting aside that it still weirds me out to be “ma’am” to anyone, it’s never good to hear that tone; usually that means your favorite cherished breakableContinue reading “The proper tool for the job”

On snow, cops and New Year’s Eve

So, remember, dear readers, when I and two awesome ladies spent New Year’s Eve in Strasbourg, France, backs to the wall, praying we wouldn’t witness the fiery death of a 50-foot Christmas tree as drunk and jubilant unsupervised French people set off whatever fireworks they could get their drunk and jubilant hands on? Read hereContinue reading “On snow, cops and New Year’s Eve”

Happy Holidays from Boston

I’ve been Boston for 20 days now, not counting my little “training” visit back in November. And I have a problem. I can’t seem to figure out what to say about it. The problem is that this whole thing, this whole adventure – it doesn’t feel real. I keep waiting for the conference to endContinue reading “Happy Holidays from Boston”