Spelling and typos and commas, oh my!

Lately, I’ve been involved in lots of conversations about proofing things. Or editing things. Or copy-editing things. These terms are used interchangeably, though in truth they mean different things. Full confession here – I have always been damn proud of my ability to string words together. I never, ever doubted myself when a writing projectContinue reading “Spelling and typos and commas, oh my!”

Dance “review”: Compangie Käfig

Living in Boston these last months has felt a bit like an extended Christmas – new gifts spread out over time. My apartment is still more than 75% un-complete; each week, it seems, I buy some new piece of furniture, make a plan to pay it off, and begin to scheme over the next oneContinue reading “Dance “review”: Compangie Käfig”

6 lessons I learned from couch surfing

I have no couch. I haven’t had one since back in December when I still lived in a 3br house in the Arkansas ‘burbs. I miss having a couch. I miss stretching out to watch TV or snuggle with my dog, or catch a nap in the sunshine on a weekend, after which I wakeContinue reading “6 lessons I learned from couch surfing”

Being in Boston, Chapter 1

“Oh, I love that dirty water…Boston you’re my home.” No, that’s not me waxing lyrical with a popular sports anthem; that’s what a mom and her two daughters were singing as springer spaniel Molly (more on her later) and I took our evening constitutional through the brownstones of Boston tonight. I haven’t taken many photosContinue reading “Being in Boston, Chapter 1”

Space, Quicksand, Road Trips and Girl Power

If I’ve managed to stay sane during this “transition” in my life (and that’s a big IF, more on that later), I owe a lot of it to Radiolab. Radiolab, for the uninitiated among you, is a program on NPR, and according to their website, is “a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, andContinue reading “Space, Quicksand, Road Trips and Girl Power”