There’s something about Glee…

I confess. 

I’m not sure why I like Fox’s Glee

Don’t get me wrong, I love show stopping group numbers as much as the next person – it’s why I love musicals.  But I generally have a hard time with film/tv musicals, especially when there are numbers that attempt to blend obviously digitally enhanced music with people walking down the street or hallway or other “normal” place.  That’s always struck me as super awkward and weird. 

And I really despised the story line about the pregnancies, fake or otherwise. 

But I love the show.  It never fails to make me tear up or laugh out loud.  It’s a bit embarrassing, honestly, how often I listen to the group numbers on my IPhone, but they’ve become my way of de-stressing after a long day; I love to crank up the stereo and sing along.


I think it’s because Glee is so unabashedly in love with it’s medium.  It has no qualms about taking retro material, glitzing it up, remixing it, and asking us to believe that kids singing on a stage in a high school could ever sound like that.   Don’t get me wrong.  I’m sure, live and in person, the actors/singers sound great.  But they do not sound like they do on screen, for sure.  But the weird part is, I don’t care!  I love watching them and listening to them. 

The mid-season finale seemed like a hedge by the writers and creators; an example of “well, we’re not sure we’ll be picked up for another 13 episodes, so we’ll tie off most of the loose ends and hope for the best.”  Normally, I would hate that.  It’s too pat, too easy.  But it was perfect. 


This is one is easy to answer.  Things are tough.  We are struggling, nationally and personally.  And while we appreciate the dramatic tension of a fake pregnancy or a Sectionals filled with cheating, we really, really need a win right now.  At least I do. 

And I got it.  Thanks, Glee.  Keep on singing with your cheesy, melodramatic self.  We love ya.

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