Can you ever really know anyone?

I am struck, at this strangely hectic time of year, by how little I actually know the people who are close to me.

Cases in point:

If you asked me about my brother, I’d tell you I adore him; he’s the kind of good guy that girls would be lucky (like angels from heaven lucky) to snag.  If you asked me his favorite food or favorite color, I couldn’t tell you.

If you asked me about my staff’s work styles and office quirks, I can list them, no problem.  If you asked me what they are actually thinking and feeling about life, I can’t help you there.

I talk to my parents once a week: about my job, what they’ve been up to, etc.  And then in a random conversation they drop some news that makes me realize how little I actually know about their lives.

Who among my circle of friends is a blogger?  How many of the dedicated facebook people I follow live the happy, cheerful lives they post about?  That cute guy who I see every few months – what is his story?

Paradoxically, I often wonder if I leave too much of myself out there.  Cue the guilt; do I share too much about myself and not care enough about learning more about my friends, family and colleagues? Like, for example, this blog post? 🙂

Strange how shopping for Christmas gifts, and realizing with a cosmic gulp that you have no idea what to get the people you are supposed to be closest to, brings it all home.  In this season of fellowship and brotherhood, sometimes it’s hard not feel self-centered and alone.

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