Cookiefest 2009

Every year, during the holidays, two of my dear friends and I embark on a two day adventure known as Cookiefest. Cookiefest is two solid days of baking cookies, for no purpose other than…because we can.   This year, the 3rd Annual Cookiefest, was perhaps our most prolific yet.  53 dozen cookies were made.  Yes, that’s at least 636 cookies (not counting the toffee and other non-cookie sweets).

Cookiefest works for several reasons:

1.  Our hostess has a kitchen like non other.  This girl, a former Pampered Chef rep, has EVERYTHING you could want in her kitchen.  Except, strangely, a 9×13 baking pan.  Aha – Christmas present!

2.  Our hostess also has a cool husband and son; the boys put up with our cackling and giggling with grace.  Even a stomach bug for the son couldn’t put a damper on things.  He was a real trooper.  And the husband helped make us yummy breakfast to kick off day two.  You’ve gotta love that.

3.  We’re really good at shopping.  This year was our best ; we knew what we needed (5 pounds of butter, 6 bags of chocolate chips, two dozen eggs, etc), and we nearly halved our shopping bill.  Score.

4.  We’re great friends.  The kind of friends who know their place.  For example, I am a cooking idiot.  A moron in the kitchen.  I heat up soup and consider it a culinary victory.  And I have absolutely no problem fetching and carrying and measuring upon request.  My two gals are also comfortable enough to know they don’t have to feel bad about being far superior to me in kitchen knowledge.  They gently and cheerfully order me about, and it’s great!  And this year, they even let me make my own cookie, a mix of Craisins, oatmeal and white chocolate chips that have been dubbed “Joatmeal” cookies. 

Now, a couple of days later, Cookiefest 2009 – Phase 2, also known as Cookiefeast, begins.  It’s the effort to distribute the cookies so I don’t eat all of them. It’s also the time when casual acquaintances suddenly become much more friendly. I wonder why?

Happy Holidays, y’all.  Hope your friends are as great as mine.

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