It’s been a fairly dull weekend, and I was just beginning to sink into a bit of self-pity for the pathetic nature of my social life when the phone rang. It was my former Little Sister (of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program).

Side note: If there are men reading this, you need to become a Big Brother. As soon as possible. The need is great, and you can make a difference. Ladies, you can too, but your wait time to be matched will likely be longer.

This young woman has had it rough. The details of her life would shame any of us who grew up with parents and our health. I hadn’t talked to her in months. I had begun the process of trying to track her down via DHS, but had only gotten as far as the hospital she currently calls home. Then she called me.

She didn’t know I had been trying to find her, but I guess the stars were aligned. I am always grateful that even after months of not speaking, she still has my cell phone memorized. She was upbeat, excited about possibly getting her GED and becoming a CNA. After all she’s been through, she wants to be a nurse, and help people.

I am humbled every time I talk to her, and as hard as it is, wish everyone could experience the same feeling. We’d all work harder to serve our fellow humans if we did.

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