The first watermelon…and other musings

Who knew that a trip to Sam’s could spark so many random thoughts?

Here’s a sample:

>I’ve figured out why impulse buying at Sam’s Club is so much fun. Because odds are, you will eventually use what you buy, even if it takes you 2 years to work your way through 120 trash bags. Unlike clothing shopping, where there’s a real chance of buyer’s remorse when you get home and try on those purple boots you just knew you had to have.

>As I loaded a mini-watermelon into my shopping cart, I suddenly wondered what it must have been like for the first person who discovered watermelon. I mean, it’s this uninspired green rindy thing; but what must it have been like when he/she cracked one open and discovered pink, sweet goodness inside? I’d like to think that choirs sang and the heavens bathed both watermelon and discoverer in golden light.

>Speaking of the first watermelon – now there’s a tale of viral marketing. How the word must have spread once that first bite was tasted, and now billions know of that special summer treat.

>Finally, there are many things about living alone that, frankly, are awesome. Sleeping in, watching whatever TV you want, and being able to dance to your music with absolutely no inhibition. However, there are some things that completely suck; in particular, there’s no one to help you haul your loot back to the apartment after an impulsing-buying trip to Sam’s. Sigh.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.

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