Reflections on the last few days

It’s been an oddly quiet kind of weekend/early week, so far, with a few spices thrown in.

9/11 hit me hard, as it always does, on Friday. I can, like so many, remember exactly what I was doing when I first heard, and the panic in our office as people tried to find friends and family over that long day. Many moments are etched in my memory. Hearing a false rumor that there was a truck bomb at the state department and thinking “this might be the end of everything I know.” I remember Sting singing just one verse of a song, and weeping. And I also remember walking into the post office as the first tower came down and calling my dad, who was working and hadn’t heard much. He was oddly unaffected, probably because he hadn’t seen or heard anything yet; he tried to tell me it wasn’t that bad, surely everything would be ok.

I can’t believe it’s been 8 years. I’m saddened that Americans, in general, have forgotten how to support each other like we did during that time.

Shaking off the gloom…

Friday night was one of those strange quasi work/leisure activities; I got to listen to cool music, but I was working while I did it, so that took some of the fun out of it, but I would never have gone by myself to it if I wasn’t working, so….anyway. It was made worth it as I spotted the redneckiest of men: cowboy boots, ragged jeans, scruffy face, accompanied by the appropriately trashily attired female. I didn’t catch what she was wearing because I was distracted by the “Peace, Love and Beer” t-shirt the man was wearing, and the ginormous Victoria’s Secret Bag he was toting. I don’t believe the woman was toting anything. Fantastic.

Saturday had nothing to recommend it, except that I missed an appointment at work, felt bad about it, and drowned my sorrows by driving 20 miles to find a good bagel. And it was worth it. Mmmmm. Carbs. (side note – I didn’t actually drive 20 miles just for the bagel. I was going that way anyway)

Sunday brought that curious lethargy during the day, followed by the inevitable cleaning frenzy in the evening.

Tonight, a good workout that kicked my ass, followed by MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL! The Pats pulled a crazy win out of some magic hat, or, depending on your point of view, were handed the game by the Buffalo Bills, who might have asked “would you like fries with that?”

And then the news that Patrick Swayze has died. An icon of my teen years. I made my family watch Dirty Dancing more times than…well…it was a lot. I will still watch it when it comes on TV. Even though I own the DVD and VHS versions.

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