I will likely regret this…

So, the facebook conversation about liberal vs. conservative continues. It started with health care, moved on to Big Brother, and now it’s moved to the bias of the media. They won’t win the debate, and neither will I; there are no winners in a debate like this. It’s all just opinion.

But, that cop out of a cliche aside, I have been challenged. To listen to 2 weeks of conservative talk radio instead of NPR. Gasp, horror!

Side note: I listen to NPR for a max of 30 minutes a day – just while driving. I don’t watch network news, or PBS. If I read the NY Times, I try to read another paper to get the opposite viewpoint. Just putting this in perspective.

But I’ve decided to take up the challenge. It’ll be an exercise in really, truly listening, and in trying to quell my judgmental side. I’m not going to listen more or less than I usually would and I may sneak an NPR fix in there now and then. I may not make it. But I will give it my best shot.

I began after work. Some findings:

>Rush Limbaugh does not have an IPhone ap. Or if he does, I can’t find it. How am I supposed to listen then, since he’s only on when I’m working? (Rush is my friend’s favorite)

>There are a lot more commercials on KFAY than than there are on KUAF. And they all seem to be funded by the Ad Council.

>Possible aha moment: I reacted very badly to a rant by the host of a call in show. Initially, I objected to how he took a caller’s question and turned it into a 5 minute diatribe filled with generalizations about “the black community” that made my blood boil. However, I have to ask myself – is this how conservatives feel when listening to NPR? Do they see a story researched by reporters as having the same level of bias that I see in that host ranting after a listener call-in? Am I comparing apples to oranges? I have to admit the only call-in show I’ve ever heard on NPR is Car Talk…

Something to ponder. We will see what tomorrow brings.

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