Who says real life isn’t funny?

Several observations today made me laugh:

1. I don’t think people with straight hair can understand this feeling. You get up from your desk after working for a few hours, and head to the bathroom. You’re washing your hands, looking down, when suddenly you are seized by fear; “Oh my god. I haven’t looked at my hair this morning. What if it’s gone crazy on me and I didn’t know it?” You slowly, agonizingly meet your own eyes. Phew. Only a few curls are sticking either straight up or in the wrong direction. That can be fixed, and mostly ignored. Dodged another bullet.

2. This afternoon, a man fishing by the pond was very intent on his casting. The pond isn’t very wide. All I could think of was what would happen if he sent a beautiful cast spinning through the air…and caught it on the opposite bank of the pond.

3. Men constantly complain that women talk too much. Tonight I sat on my balcony for 15 minutes listening to the new guys downstairs talk without stopping. The occasional “ding” told me they were also receiving text messages. Their voices never faltered. And I’m pretty sure they were talking about absolutely nothing. At least when we women get together, we talk about important stuff. Like clothes. And men.

One thought on “Who says real life isn’t funny?

  1. I can't relate to the curly hair. Closest I can get is when I've been sitting and reading, with my chin in my hand and absentmindedly running my other hand through my hair and then go to the bathroom to discover that I look like the victim from a Law and Order episode.I have cast across a pond and snared lure on the other side. I have snared lures behind me. I have snared lures in my head, through a hat, and it was, in fact, amusing. To the ER doctors.Real men don't complain about women talking too much. That would be talking too much.

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