Adventures in Conservative Talk Radio, Day 2

On August 18th, a friend challenged me to listen to 2 weeks of conservative talk radio, instead of NPR. I’m on day 2.

Observations from today:

1. Liberal or conservative, I will cry

I will admit to welling up, on more than one occasion, when listening to some reports on NPR. Usually they involve soldiers, or the occasional Story Corps feature where two people unabashedly and without embarrassment proclaim their love and respect for one another. It’s a given; give me a story like that and I will dissolve into a sentimental puddle, sitting alone in my car until I can dry my eyes.

Today, though, during the Dave Ramsey call-in show, I lost it when some poor woman came on the show to ask for financial advice. She talked for a bit, then dropped the bombshell that her husband had died a month ago at the age of 42. Dave (or whoever was taking the calls), immediately stopped her and told her kindly that he didn’t want to give her a 30 second answer so could she hang on and he’d talk to her during the break. I thought this was the ultimate exercise in sensitivity; taking her off the air to give advice in private. However, after the break, he BROUGHT HER BACK! And this woman told all us listeners her financial and life story. I wish, how I wish, that he had counseled her in private. But it was clear that she wanted to air her grief in this manner. And who am I to judge.

2. I have some pretty stellar liberal friends. When I shared this odyssey of conservative talk radio this morning, many of them said “oh, sure, I do that all the time. I try to make sure I’m listening to both sides.” Many even had station recommendations for me. That’s pretty cool.

Another day tomorrow. Anyone know how I can listen to Rush outside of his 11am to 2pm slot?

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