Hold on, little girl…

This one might ramble a bit, because it’s been a while and I’m feeling rambly. I have a 5-year-old niece; let’s call her C. She’s an incredible child (how could she not be, coming from such excellent stock?). Smart as can be, curious, a champion reader (again, natch, given her family), long-legged, prone to shrieking,Continue reading “Hold on, little girl…”

Greetings from DC!

I guess I should say greetings from Reston, VA, since I actually haven’t been to DC yet this trip, and won’t until tomorrow.  I think that’s a big discovery on this little fun/fact-finding mission; this is a big area, and a lot of people who live in the outlying areas don’t really go into theContinue reading “Greetings from DC!”

Woman helping woman

It’s been a busy weekmonthyearfive years around here.  Dishes don’t get done every night in this house.  So when I finally do get to them, my garbage disposal gets some action.  Tonight, I turned it on and heard the dreaded crunch-clackity-clack…the sound that indicates a measuring spoon is down there getting chopped up.  Before IContinue reading “Woman helping woman”