Just 11 days to go

I was so glad to say goodbye to January that I turned my calendar over one day early. Or actually, I thought about doing it, but ruthlessly slapped my hand away from the pushpin because by god, we don’t break those rules in this house. Not sure when we became so strict about such things,Continue reading “Just 11 days to go”

The dark side of being a “supportive single”

I try for positive on this blog. I try to write things that put me in the best light. But this particular blog post has been bubbling in my head for a while now (surely the sign of a character flaw), and while I’m a little terrified to hit publish, I think I will, andContinue reading “The dark side of being a “supportive single””

The Radical Notion of Being OK

Here’s the thing about living alone for most of your life (Or in my case, living without another human. Sadie would dispute that I live alone). One day, you’re going to be coming back from a dog park/shopping trip. It’s going to be a rainy spring night in Boston. You’re going to be expertly juggling your bag,Continue reading “The Radical Notion of Being OK”