Juniper Springs, FL: Hike 4 of the #52HikeChallenge

A quick visit with my parents is always a great opportunity to invite/force them to enjoy a hike. On this visit, we had a Superbowl to get to that evening, so we couldn’t go far. I am completely unfamiliar with Florida’s hiking options, but I know a little more now. Basically, everything’s flat, and thereContinue reading “Juniper Springs, FL: Hike 4 of the #52HikeChallenge”

Florida Interlude, Part 1: Disney Adventures

It’s time for a travel post! It’s been a while, and it feels weird to write about Florida, a place I’ve visited dozens of times. But really, especially when one lives in the Northeast, Florida is a different country. So let’s get to it. This visit was brought to you by my new employer, FromContinue reading “Florida Interlude, Part 1: Disney Adventures”