An evening at RAIN: A Tribute to the Beatles

I’ve never seen a tribute concert before. They’ve always seemed vaguely creepy and sacrilegious. I mean, come on. The Beatles are…the Beatles. If you weren’t around to hear them, well, at least you also weren’t around to live through the Vietnam War. Tough luck, right? Not so! Read on… I won’t describe the costumes orContinue reading “An evening at RAIN: A Tribute to the Beatles”

What’s behind your facebook update?

It’s raining, for the 6th day in a row. It’s Monday, with a week of chaos ahead. The day started poorly and went downhill from there. You slogged through it, dragged your sorry self back to the ranch after 10 hours in the office, and for some reason (narcissistic tendencies, maybe, or simply a needContinue reading “What’s behind your facebook update?”

The continuing saga of T.A.D. and Fritz

Ah, spring. When young men’s thoughts turn to flights of fancy…and mine to my favorite children’s book of all time: Make Way For Ducklings. If you haven’t read this book, give it a try. This would be a good one to seek out at your local independent bookstore. Now to the point; the first postContinue reading “The continuing saga of T.A.D. and Fritz”