Customer Service

Attention, airlines. In particular, USAir. This is no newsflash, but your customer service is abysmal. And I know it really doesn’t matter, because we’re all going to search for the cheapest fare when we need to fly. But I am hereby promising to do my best to avoid you at all cost, USAir. You did everything you could to make my life more difficult. That is the definition of a company that doesn’t care about me. And frankly, I don’t care about you. Yes, I’m thankful my plane landed safely. But that’s your job, your core competancy. It’s the other stuff that matters. And in that, you failed.

In contrast, I’m sending out a cosmic thanks to the waitress at the Charlotte airport Chili’s, who took the few seconds, after asking me what I wanted to drink, to ask if I was having a good day so far. I lied and said yes. She got a big tip. USAir’s getting a nasty letter. Not that it will matter, since they probably get hundreds a day.

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