The continuing saga of T.A.D. and Fritz

Ah, spring. When young men’s thoughts turn to flights of fancy…and mine to my favorite children’s book of all time: Make Way For Ducklings. If you haven’t read this book, give it a try. This would be a good one to seek out at your local independent bookstore.

Now to the point; the first post I ever wrote on this blog was about a white duck who lives in a pond next to my apartment. I named him (more on that later) TAD, which stands for The Aflac Duck.

TAD has been on his own for two years or so. So when he found a companion, I was delighted. However, I soon discovered that he’s actually a she. How did I find out? Well, let’s just say ducks are less puritanical about sex than humans. Or maybe they just don’t have blinds to close.

Anyway, TAD’s a she, and she’s found herself a significant other. Fritz is quite a distinguished duck, mostly black with some white. Should they be successful in their procreation efforts, I wonder if the ducklings will be black, white or zebra?

I learned from a brilliant colleague the other day that ducks need a safe roosting place to bring ducklings into the world. Which is why I’m keeping a sharp eye on the nasty geese who like to fly into the pond and shake things up. Fritz gets pretty serious when they show up.

All of this makes me realize just how long I’ve lived in this apartment by the pond; long enough to have constructed a whole world of drama and intrigue for the ducks who live next door. It’s really great to be 30 something and still have a healthy imagination.

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