Email that matters

Around the time that I surrendered my work email (which was a traumatic experience, because, let’s face it, when you’re THAT intimate with something, breaking up is hard to do) I decided on a new email strategy:

I would sign up for all online commerce and newsletters via my hotmail.  I would keep my gmail for “real” communications.  There are a few newsletters/work related stuff that happen on my gmail, but mostly, that email account is where I expect the “real” side of e-communication; messages from humans, either asking me for something I might want to give, or helping me achieve something I asked for help with.  Or maybe just saying hi.

Guess what?  I get a lot more email at my hotmail than I do my gmail.

But I look forward to checking my gmail.

Something to ponder.


2 thoughts on “Email that matters

  1. I did the same thing. Commerce to yahoo, real stuff to gmail. Of course, I still somehow end up with newsletters and ads and general crap in my gmail account, just much less.

    I hope this comment shows up in your gmail account 🙂

    1. Ha! BLog comments come to hotmail. I think I will change that – because you’re right…they are the good stuff. And it’s impossible not to have a few newsletters. PS – I’m coming to Boston in a couple of weeks!

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