Someday, if I’m famous enough to be quoted, I hope this quote is one that people choose to remember:

Blanche Dubois always relies on the kindness of strangers; I am completely undone by the kindness of friends.

Of course I mean “friends and family” but that’s not quite as quotable, so for the sake of my future  fame, we’ll leave it as is.

As I walk this new tightrope of professional transition, it’s only natural to feel little leaps of trepidation in my stomach as I wobble or tilt along the way.  But unlike a tightrope walker, I have an incredible web of wonderful people holding me up and indeed, almost lifting my toes off the rope with their support.  If I were to try to describe how I feel right now in one phrase, it would be overwhelmed with gratitude.

It starts with my awesome family: my mom and dad, who are so smart, it blows my mind.  They are thousands of miles away, but they can see into complex situations and tell me what I need to hear to make the right choices. Then there’s my brother, who listens, offers up a few choice nuggets of wisdom and then humbles me by telling me he’s always admired my choices and knows I’ll make another good one.  Wow.

My friends, my tribe both here and around the world, who have offered supportive emails, facebook posts, Skype sessions, texts, walks, visits, phone calls and even your guest rooms…you are the best.  I don’t really know how to say thank you for being my friends, even when we don’t see each other every day, or especially if we do.

And then there are the professional colleagues, who have offered wise and kind words of support, along with their vast resources to help me find my next adventure.  Here’s a hint to all of you young’uns out there – networking is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do in your professional life.  Trust me.

I have had more offers of lunch, coffee, beer and wine in the last few weeks than I have calories to give.  I love how support often comes in the form of food and drink.  🙂

Anyway, wow.  Someone remarked to me that I seem serene in the face of this transition, and I am, mostly because I can literally sense the power of the wonderful people in my life who are part of the journey.

The photo at the top of this post is from the stunning Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, AR.  I have always wished I could bottle and share the sense of peace and promise I feel when there.   Looking up into the rafters, hearing the sound bounce around, and feeling the sparkle of sunshine on my face, I can’t help but feel that everything is going to be ok.

To everyone who has helped me in the last few weeks, thanks for helping me feel like I do when I’m at Thorncrown.  You are amazing people.

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