Quick, before I forget…ok, I forgot.

Eeek.  I’m so far behind.  This entry was started two weeks ago.  Here it is, completed, and then we’ll move on to current events.


I started this blog to track my travels, and it’s been a whole week since I returned from NYC with nary a word written.  For shame.  Of course, I have been busy.  You know, building stick sculptures, shaking the rust off my acting skilz, working.  Always working.  Trying to shoehorn some sleep and exercise in there, mostly unsuccessfully.

But it’s the start of a three day weekend, and I left my computer at work.  So though I might start shaking from withdrawal soon, I figured now was the time to get a-crackin before I forget everything about the trip. But lest I bore you with too much blabbity blah, here’s my trip, in as few words as possible.

Saturday 5/12:  Work on stick sculpture, shop, pack, clean, pack, deposit dog at friends’ house, to bed around midnight.

Rondo!  This made me think
of my mom, obsessed
Celtics fan that she is.

Sunday 5/13:  Up at 4:30am.  Flight to LGA, connecting in O’Hare.  Another silent flight; no conversation with seatmate.  Arrival at LGA, have the same thought I always have “This airport is a sh!#hole.  Come on NY.  Do better.”  Cab into the city, hunt down lunch at Chopp’d, which is far less tasty when you care about the calories. See an “aerial tango” performance that wasn’t worth the price of the ticket (which was $0 for me).  Visit with a friend, then back to midtown to see The Avengers.  Nearly witness to a riot as the movie broke down about an hour in.  Very bad behavior, NY movie-goers.  What gives?  The AMC is not Yankee stadium, y’know.

Good grief, they are just too cute.

Monday, 5/14:  Marketing meetings.  Met two of the adorable little boys who play Billy in Billy Elliot.  Sushi for lunch (mmmm….).  More meetings.  A reception at Bond 45, where I saw Audra McDonald and Norm Lewis in person.  Then, Newsies.  I wanted it to be amazing.  It wasn’t.  But oh, those fabulous boys singing and dancing.  They, at least, were entertaining. Then, Indian food.  Yum.  

Performers from Once rocking out.

Tuesday 5/15:  Up early to get into the breakfast session.  Denied entry to said session, relegated to eating breakfast on the floor of the hotel.  No bueno.  But that did mean we scored good seats in the theater that would be our main conference location. Greeted by Kelli O’Hara and Estelle Parsons, then had some conference business/sessions, then a creative conversation with Evita folks (no Ricky Martin).  A keynote followed that was not very noteworthy, then a session, then lunch at the Copacabana.  Post-lunch, another creative convo with Stockard Channing and Stacy Keach of Other Desert Cities.  I wonder who else in the room could claim they worked on a movie with Stacy Keach?  More sessions.  Party at the Hard Rock Cafe with the Once cast.  Awesome.  Then Nice Work if You Can Get It with the luminous Kelly O’Hara and the embarrassing Matthew Broderick.   He was really, really not good.  What a shame.  Final party at John’s Pizzeria, one of my favorite spots, hosted by the Book of Mormon

Our lunchtime entertainment.

Wednesday 5/16:  Skipped the breakfast session.   After a visit from James Cordon (British guy, funny), went right into more conference stuff, followed by creative convo with Porgy & Bess cast.  They are all beautiful.  Ooh, I’d forgotten that Sondheim threw a fit about the changes to the show.  Can’t wait to see for myself if it’s good!  More conference discussion about secondary ticketing, lunch at the Edison with entertainment from Jesus Christ Superstar and Jersey Boys.  Then off to see Porgy & Bess.  Glorious, emotional, heart-breaking.  Had to go back into the theater to buy a magnet and got yelled at by an old lady “You’re going the wrong way!”  My response:  “Yes, I know!”   Another party then off to see Peter and the Starcatcher, which.  was.  awesome.  I think it will merit it’s own blog post when I get my annotated script in the mail.  Post-show party courtesy of Disney, in some random event space behind the Dave’s BBQ on 42nd street.  Got to meet some of the Starcatcher actors (including the quietly awesome Rick Holmes) and stood next to Christian Borle for my celebrity fix. 

I wasn’t supposed to take this picture.
Guess the blurriness is my punishment.
But, that’s Christian & Kevin up there.

Thursday, 5/17:  We were greeted by Alicia Keys first, then later, Christian Borle and Kevin Del Aguila, then spent the morning talking about dynamic pricing, being interrupted by a star-studded creative convo with Candice Bergen, James Earl Jones, Angela Lansbury, John Larroquette, Jefferson Mays, Eric McCormack, Michael McKean, and Michael Wilson of The Best Man.  Lunch at the Edison again with our neighbors from Celebrity Attractions, then more sessions, then….GASP!

A creative conversation with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Mike Nichols (Death of a Salesman) is already awesome.  Then add that MERYL STREEP!!! was our surprise moderator and you have finally, finally gotten this jaded gal to get the celebrity-induced shivers.  I was 30 feet from Meryl.  It was awesome, and they actually were very interesting to listen to – they take their work seriously.

Jill is doing an excellent
Broderick imitation.

Then we wrapped up the conference, headed off to another party (at Providence) and then our final show, which was Evita for me.  See, here’s the thing about Evita.  Evita should be a stunning singer, dancer and actor.  If she’s not…well…that’s a problem.  But the music was pretty, the set was nice.  Final party hosted by Nice Work if You Can Get It (Broderick was there, but glassy-eyed).  Then back to the hotel.

Friday 5/18:  Sleep in, pack, wander the city, head back to the airport, fly home, pick up dog, collapse into bed.

Basic reflections on the week: 

I need the inspiration that simply seeing work and talking about it brings.  

NYC was dirtier and more crowded than usual, it seemed.  I think it had to do with our hotel location – I like being north of Times Square rather than south. 

Another League Conference under my belt.  It was kick-ass.  I’m a lucky, lucky gal.  

2 thoughts on “Quick, before I forget…ok, I forgot.

  1. Awesome! Sounds like you have an interesting job…where can I find out more about what you do? Now, that sounded a little stalker-ish, didn't it?Really though, I'm fascinated.

  2. Ha! I'll bet most arts administrators don't get stalked…we really don't have glamorous jobs…except when we get to go to conferences like this and occasionally hang out with artists. I work at http://www.waltonartscenter.org, and if you'd like a sense of what arts administration is, you can visit this site http://www.artsadministration.org/. We're basically the businesspeople who work in the arts. But don't let my modesty fool you, I do have a great job. It's just that most of the time it's spent on email, at meetings, and doing normal office-type stuff.

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