Favorite moment of the week

I have 10 minutes to write this blog entry.  If I take longer than that, my dog might expire from anticipation of the walk I promised her before I have to go back to work.  So here we go.

3 years ago, I think I would have said that, though there were some bad days, I felt more or less successful at my job.  That’s changed a lot recently.  We won’t go into why, but it’s real, and it’s not a comfortable place for someone like me who likes to be in control and doing well.  Yes, I know, adversity breeds innovation, but I’ve discovered I’m a person who needs a win more than now and then. 

I guess, to put it simply, success has felt fragile lately; it’s there, but it’s poised to be shattered with one tap from a hammer.

So today, I thought I’d share my favorite moment of success.

I sit in a corner office (I know, swanky, huh? Actually, it’s freezing because the windows are drafty).  Either because I’m neurotic or because of some unique acoustics, I can hear pretty much everything that goes on in our office from the front desk, through the breakroom, down the hall, even as far out as the loading dock, OUTSIDE my office.  I’ve come to be able to distinguish the gaits of my coworkers as they walk down the hall, some are quiet and quick, others clomp with the authority of long legs and booted heels. 

Today, as I was working away, I heard what were clearly long legs moving very quickly.  They seemed to be heading my way.  I was right, and my coworker came barreling in, breathless with excitement and with some big news to share about an upcoming project (that happens to be secret, mwah hah hah).  There was some slapping of hands, some whooping and then she was racing away, and I was left grinning.

Then, like dominoes, 2 more good things happened. 

At that point, I packed my bag and left early, lest 15 more minutes of checking email on a Friday ruin my buzz. 

So that’s it.  It only took me 9 minutes to write (plus 2 to edit). 

Happy weekend everyone.  Hold tight to the successes, because it’s far easier to forget them than it is to remember the failures.

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