Schadenfreude, diets and wanderlust: It’s a random thought kind of night

Random thought #1

Ok, I know it’s completely uncharitable to take solace in the misfortune of others. It generally leads to bad karma.  I try not to (unless the person is a real jerk who completely deserves it, of course).  For example, while golfing the other day (and achieving my first par of the summer), my friend and I made lots of fun of the guys ahead of us who couldn’t hit the ball to save their lives.  We paid for it, though, in those final 7 holes of missed shots and generally suckiness of play. 

So it’s with some shame that I just have to share this image of the back of a script I was reading recently:

If you look closely, you will see not one but two editing errors in those last two quotes.  As someone who sweats bullets and loses sleep over the proofing process of a major publication, I can’t help but be slightly in awe of whatever editor let this book go to print with those errors.  And I hang my head at how relieved I was when I saw that someone else had screwed up worse than I.  

Random thought #2

Losing weight is hard.  If it was easy, we wouldn’t be a nation of obese people.  I really hate how much you have to pay attention to your food choices in order to make any kind of progress.  It feels like every meal, every single thing you buy or even think about buying has to be scrutinized and analyzed, thus sucking every drop of taste and enjoyment out of the food.  And even then, it’s hard.  For example, I KNOW that eating in the evening is worst way to lose weight.  I know this.  It’s proven.  Yet, I really, really wanted that ice cream cone as I drove home from returning a movie tonight.  It’s 100 frickin’ degrees out at 9pm, and has been for weeks!  It’s summer.  The Sonic is RIGHT THERE.  It’s only .99.  For two miles I wrestled with myself, and I won.  And now here I sit, drinking my crystal-lite-flavored water and still really wanting that ice cream cone.  My small moral victory doesn’t feel very victorious, especially since I know I will just have to do the same thing tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after, for months, and even then, there’s no guarantee it will work, because I will probably miscount some other food I eat on those same days.  Blergh.  Pass the chips.  (just kidding)


Random thought #3

A friend told me a few weeks back, after hearing me whine about wanting to travel (and not just to see family and friends), that I need an adventure, not a vacation.  I’ve been mulling that over; it’s a fairly profound thought for facebook chat.  🙂 This same friend travels constantly, and I envy that, but I know I couldn’t do it all the time.  I like my house, and having a dog, and a job and friends whom I see every week.  (Not to mention traveling is an expensive habit!)  But still, there’s something to be said for going somewhere just for the sake of going.   It’s harder to do this when you’re single; your married/coupled up friends would much rather vacation with their family and fellow couples than come on an adventure with you.  But then, I suppose it might also be easier; after all, we singletons don’t have to worry about family activities or pulling kids/spouses out of work.  Yet, I think it takes some guts to travel to a new place alone.  I did it last summer, and while it was fun, I had to psych myself up for it.  But then again, really, it comes down to determination.  I guess, like usual, I just need to get off my ass, quit complaining, and do something. 

Anyone wanna go bungee jumping in New Zealand this weekend?

One thought on “Schadenfreude, diets and wanderlust: It’s a random thought kind of night

  1. Ten times out of ten, an intern did the "puffs" on the back. I did when I was an intern. And a lot of times, the quotes are done exact as they are sent to the publisher because it's their words and to change them is against the rules.

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