Best morning ever, or, why my dog is awesome

It must be the heat, but I’ve been getting up earlier these days without as much trouble as before.  It could also be the focused stare of my dog, who is usually up before me.  You know, that “will you get your ass out of bed so I can pee?” stare.  Dog owners will symphathize.

This morning I bounced (relatively speaking, which meant I only hit snooze twice) out of bed and was dressed and ready to go by 7:30.  That’s WAY too early to be in the office in the summer, so I decided to take the pooch to the park.  She’d been in my pocket all evening before and again in the morning, just so tired of being cooped up in this heat that she was practically jumping out of her skin.  So, to the dog park.

The park was empty and the small dog side had shade, so we hung out there.  Sadie was in a playful mood, and I managed to capture one of her funnier performances; it’s her victory lap, where she taunts the other dogs with her conquest of a Frisbee.  But there were no dogs today, which made it even funnier.  Enjoy, and watch for the little moment at the end where she hears me call her and she turns away as is if to say “Whatever, Jodi.  You’re not the boss of me.”

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