More fun links…and a few random thoughts…

Oooh!  I’m liking this “linking to other blogs” stuff.  But before I share some more, two things.

One – last night I was reading some old blog posts, and I realized I never posted the conclusion of the Lawn Mower Wars.  Shame on me!  The abridged version is that the key to our heroine’s mowing troubles was the height of the wheels.  Simple fix, right?  Just raise them up, using the handy little levers!  Alas, those were rusted solid.  Ok, so.  Next tactic – WD-40!  After that failed, our heroine stared at the mower for long moments, then, with a calm, serene smile, found her hammer and beat the crap out of those levers.  And guess what?  They moved!  Victory!  Well, sort of.  The levers were moved too high, and so mowing the lawn was largely ineffective.  So next time out, out came the hammer again, and back went the levers.  Now all works as it should.  A true triumph of persistence and brute force over the evil forces of “just-hire-someone-or-find-a-guy-so-he’ll-mow-your-lawn.”

Two – I am APPALLED at the attention one pastor in Florida is getting these days.  We should all be embarrassed by how much ink, digital or otherwise, we have wasted on this guy.  The best I can say is not an original thought.  This guy is making the comparison clear – he’s representing a fundamentalist brand of Christianity, that does NOT represent the many good, decent people who practice that religion, in protest of the fundamentalist brand of Islam, which does NOT represent the many good, decent people…you get it.  Enough of that.  Back to sharing the blogging love!

This actually isn’t a blog, but I like the site – Hipcooks – it’s a cooking program in LA that I took with some friends a few weeks back.  This is the kind of stuff that makes me miss living in a big city.

Next on the list is Seth’s Blog, a marketing blog which a lot of people follow.  Seth is a bit too quick to make sweeping generalizations (and once in a while I wonder whether he gets out into the real world enough), but he never fails to make me think. And, I have a soft spot because by subscribing to his blog, I was able to have my name appear in a real, honest book!  Check out the latest version of Purple Cow (page 180-181), which features my short essay about Trey McIntyre Project.

And finally, my friend Angie runs two blogs, but this is her running blog.  She’s pretty determined in her running goals, and it’s really inspiring.  And there are cute pictures of her son, Miracle Max.  That’s hard to beat.

It’s almost Friday!  Rejoice, y’all!

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