new look (and links!) for my blog

Oooh…look.  Pretty new background and style for my blog.  It’s like a makeover, but doesn’t require me to lose weight or wear fake eyelashes.

Today I start a new weekly feature where I highlight a few blogs/websites I like (and add them to the new list at right). I finally realized that it’s time to started talking about all of the other great bloggers, thinkers and talkers out there.  Because after all, the 6 of you who read this blog are just dying for my wisdom.

Today’s featured blogs/site:

The Artful Manager – widely one of the most respected arts administration bloggers out there, the author just happens to be the guy who edited my thesis and allowed me to get my graduate degree.  He’s always good at asking those tough (and often abstract) questions to get you thinking.

Catalog living – this one’s just funny.  It imagines the lives of people who live in our catalogs.

not a CRUMB left – a blog by one of my favorite people to run into at work.  The recipe for the beer margarita won me over. 

Enjoy!  The weekend is almost here.  Three cheers for 4 day weeks.

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