Just so I remember where I was…

It’s hard to know if the health care reform bill that just passed is as historic as everyone is saying it is.  I’d like to think so.  And just in case, I thought it would be appropriate to have a blog entry tonight, so I can remember where I was and what I was doing when it happened.

I was in my apartment in Arkansas, glued to my computer. I’d turned off C-SPAN because the posturing of the speakers on both sides of the aisle was irritating me, and I found the online conversations of my peers to be much more interesting.   I talked through both facebook and twitter with friends in Arkansas, California, Illinois and Wisconsin.  That’s just…well…neat.

I’m happy reform passed.  I don’t buy Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh’s prophecies of doom.  I also don’t totally buy the President’s proclamations, but I’m glad to have a President to whom I can listen and not want to hide in embarrassment.  In particular, I liked this line from his speech in the East Room: “We did not fear our future.  We shaped it.”

I would like very much to believe that hope will win out over fear in today’s world.  We shall see.

Other things that have made this a pretty good weekend:

Dinner with friends on Friday:  Love them.  There is always good food, good conversation and their kids are little wonders.  This time, there was also good tequila.  Bonus.

Random snowstorm:  It dumped more than 8 inches on us and hopefully by tomorrow it’ll all be gone, melted away in 70 degree weather.  (Side note: anyone who tells me the climate isn’t changing hasn’t lived in reality the last 30 years)  The storm meant a weekend holed up in my apartment, cleaning and reading and relaxing.  I needed it.

Talking to a friend I haven’t talked to in forever:  I miss her.  I’ve got to be better about calling people.

Realizing that it’s time for me to make a decision about the next 3-5 years of my life:  This is a big one. It’s scary.  But it’s also good to recognize that it’s time.  This living in limbo isn’t much fun.

Spending two hours plus cooking Irish Stew:  I never cook like that.  It felt good.  Peaceful and calming.  And the stew wasn’t too bad, actually.

650 count sheets on my bed:  I found them on sale and they are, in a word, incredible.  My bed is now the place to be.  And yes, please take that as the double entendre it was meant to be. 

Good night, America.  Depending on which ideology you subscribe to, we’re either headed for nirvana or armageddon.  I’ll take somewhere in between, thanks.

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