none of these are connected…

…but they all made me do that thing that dogs do: perk their ears up, cock their heads to the side and, if they had eyebrows, raise them quizzically while saying (if they had vocal cords) “eh?”

A local TV station is running a “personal paper-shredding” promotion. I really don’t get it. What’s that got to do with TV?

There’s a film fest taking place this weekend, which is quite exciting for this small town. It’s called I-540 Filmfest. It’s named for the highway that connects about a dozen cities and towns. But it’s only taking place in one of them.

Ticket sales aren’t exactly roaring along at my day job, so I was dreading the conference call with my boss today. But he was sympathetic, even empathetic, about it, and positively cheerleader-esque in his efforts to buck us up. I wasn’t quite sure how to take it, but it certainly made me think about how I should do the same for my staff. Amazing what a little positive feedback can do.

On that same conference call, I got the giggles as I imagined my boss’ head as a sleek black telephone.

I’ve been putting off a writing project for weeks, claiming distractions. Turns out shutting the door and ignoring email works pretty well against those distractions. Oh, so that’s how you put one word in front of the other! Watch out, unsuspecting patrons, I’m gonna give you some prose that’ll empty your bank accounts real darn quick.

In the last week, I seem to have suddenly developed a social life. When did this happen? I’m usually the one alone at a take-out line, determinedly texting myself so as to not appear a loser. Hmmm…better not jinx it; I’m shutting up now.

Today, as news of the awful shooting at Ft. Hood trickled in, I made the mistake of looking at the comments on an online news story. Bad move. Folks, let me tell you this; President Obama and his socialist agenda did not cause the shooting. Neither did gun-toting, secessionist Texans. Come on now.

I skipped kickboxing today, and trudged home feeling guilty. That is, until I opened the front door of my apartment. There, on the table, were my sneakers, where I’d left them this morning so I wouldn’t forget them. I guess my subconscious knew what it was doing.

I’m on a cooking binge lately. Well, more like a “preparing” binge, since cooking implies spices and sauces, and I’m not there yet. But tonight I discovered that David Sedaris on audio tape actually makes slicing vegetables more fun. Just watch out for the sharp side of the knife.

Here’s my favorite recently overheard conversation on the street: “No, it’s not an actual sex toy, not really…”

And speaking of sex, the ducks in my pond were…ahem…enjoying themselves again this morning. Pretty sad when the local water fowl get more action than I do.

On that happy note, good night, blogging world.

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