Post-Halloween musings

Halloween always amazes. The childlike glee we get at the chance to dress up, play another person, or just make idiots of ourselves, is fascinating.

Men in costume are just more interesting than women. For example: a man dressed as a woman is vaguely scandalous and hysterical. A woman dressed as a man? Vaguely creepy, a little sad, and not at all entertaining. Seeing grown men dressed as Oscar the Grouch and Elmo? Awesome. Had women worn those costumes…not nearly as awesome.

A quote on Twitter seems particularly apt: Halloween is the one time a year when women can dress like sluts and not be judged for it. I’d challenge the “not being judged” part, but there is some truth there.

No matter how hot a skimpy outfit with fishnets might appear, the woman wearing it is freezing cold, I assure you.

Free dessert for wearing a costume? Sign me up.

The time that parents put into their childrens’ costumes confounds me. Especially when the kids are less than 5 years old. But I guess that’s like getting a manicure in the winter; though you might tell yourself it’s for others, it’s really just for you.

And just like that, November is here. Oh, joy, now all the commercials will be about stupid toys that your child just MUST have for Christmas. Ick.

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