The End of Everything followed by a zombie apocalypse: Book/movie review

Recently, I’ve discovered a love for apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic entertainment, which are not oxymoronic terms, though one might think so.  I’m not sure when it started, but from The Walking Dead to the Divergent youth fiction series, I LOVE all that what-happens-when-the-world-is-ending/has-ended stuff.  I think the dramatic situational tensions and moral questions are awesome toContinue reading “The End of Everything followed by a zombie apocalypse: Book/movie review”

Oblivion: Movie review

Fair warning, this entry contains spoilers for the movie Oblivion, which opened this week. Tonight, I really, really missed Roger Ebert. But let’s back up a bit. After a couple of tough days, I sought Oblivion tonight.  Not the kind induced by drugs or alcohol, but the kind induced by Tom Cruise in a massiveContinue reading “Oblivion: Movie review”