The Liebster Award

So imagine my delight when a friend-from-another-life, the awesome Liz, who will soon be my neighbor in Boston (eeeeek!), and is also a writer blogging about her novel-writing process (and being funny about it, to boot), nominated me for a Liebster Award, which as far as I can tell, is a self-perpetuating cycle of bloggyContinue reading “The Liebster Award”

AWBU recap: Everyone wants to “be gotten”

As we sat around a picnic table in the candle-lit dark, I felt that familiar need to move. I felt my eyes wandering, my fingers itching to gather my purse and politely excuse myself.  I wondered if I was an outsider to the conversation swirling among us, and thought that surely they wouldn’t miss meContinue reading “AWBU recap: Everyone wants to “be gotten””

Thoughts on the eve of AWBU

It’s been more than a year since I decided to go hang out with a bunch of bloggers in Mountain View, AR at the Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged Conference.  If I’m honest, I was seduced by the free boots from Country Outfitter, but as you can read here and here, it was an interesting andContinue reading “Thoughts on the eve of AWBU”