Glen Campbell, kindness and other musings…

It’s anyone’s guess where this blog post will go.  My head and heart are feeling a little mixed up these days.  Annoying female emotions have ridden dangerously close to the surface from time to time the past few weeks (And guys, don’t you dare say in that smug tone “it must be that time ofContinue reading “Glen Campbell, kindness and other musings…”

More about being comfortable with being out of balance

I’ve been feeling citation guilt over my blog entry the other day about tightrope walkers, so I decided to go on a hunt for the original source.  Amazingly, I found that my recollection of the source was right.  It came from a blog entry from Andrew Taylor, the oh-so-smart human behind The Artful Manager blog.Continue reading “More about being comfortable with being out of balance”