Photography is a solo activity. Sharing a photo is a social activity, and photography can be done with others around (and its often fun when that happens), but at it’s core, most photography is done by one person, looking through one lens, trying to capture her unique view of the world. Maybe that’s why I love it. It’s one of the few things in modern life that doesn’t require a partner.

I am intrigued by how much we like to look at photos. And I’m more intrigued by those who want to look at MY photos. I suspect those folks love my snaps because they know me; if I was just another photographer they’d probably skip right over my stuff. But they know me.

They also know that, for better or worse, I will likely tell them a story to go with my photo.

Truly remarkable photos can, occasionally, tell a story without needing a description. None of my photos are thank remarkable. And I love stories. To me, they are essential to understanding and enjoying art, especially visual art.  Even when the photo is incredible, I usually want to know how the photographer made it, what she was thinking, what tricks she employed, and how she feels about how others react to it.

(It’s worth noting that this need for story has gotten me in trouble with classical music conductors in the past, and might get me in trouble with visual arts curators in the future. But I digress.)

This blog series will be about my photos, and their stories. And it’s likely those stories will involve some confessions about navigating my world solo.

Just as everyone else’s kids and marriages and partners shape their worlds, so does my status as one who exists outside of those institutions. Being solo infuses all that I do. And while some may find my musings incomprehensible or uncomfortable, you will find me working hard not to apologize for them. See, there are a lot of solos out there in this world, and we are making and doing and living and figuring it out. Most of these posts are for them. But I hope non-solos will enjoy them too.

solo |’sōlō|

ADJECTIVE for or done by one person alone; unaccompanied.

snap |ˈsnap|

VERB To take (a photograph). 

NOTE: Many of my photos were taken when I was not alone, so don’t believe every definition you see.

Thanks for reading.